BrandEx-Festival, Dortmund

BrandEx Festival, Dortmund

Client: International Festival of Brand Experience
Commissioned by: International Festival of Brand Experience
Date: 15th January 2019
Location: Westfalenhallen Dortmund
Services:Conferencing, Audio, Video, Event-IT,
Project Manager: Marcel Scharmann, Stefan von Pohlheim and Stephan Lindner (planning for "streaming/video/IT")
Branch:Stuttgart, Düsseldorf
Special features:
  • RSI for Areas 1 to 4 and the main stage in four languages
  • "silent sound" for the entire conference area using 700 receivers and headsets
  • "ultra low latency" video streaming
  • 256-bit-encoded "point-to-point" connections

The "International Festival of Brand Experience" (BrandEx) is a new and exciting format that premiered in Dortmund in January 2019. The idea of the festival is to provide a platform for regular, comprehensive and inspiring reflection and debate to ensure that the live marketing sector continues to grow and develop. The result is an event that brings together different formats under one roof and provides exclusive discussion and performance forums for interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas between all involved in the sector – from old hands through to motivated newcomers.

Since the new format was launched, we have been involved on the creative side of things together with dozens of insiders from various subsectors of our industry, who collaborate on concepts within project groups. The resulting marketing festival communicates know-how, gives attendees the opportunity to forge new contacts and networks, and is crowned by an award ceremony.

The sophisticated festival program was dubbed "01: The encounter" and consisted of 100 presentations on 15 stages including two "Keynote Lounges" and six "Themed Areas" – and all of that in four different languages. Our "Remote Simultaneous Interpreting" (RSI) system was deployed at the festival and was also the subject of a detailed workshop presentation. "Interpreting 4.0" represents a giant leap forward for congresses and conferences such as the BrandEx Festival, whereby interpreters are not bound to the actual venue itself. Their connection to the "spoken word" is the data line between their workplace, the venue and the speaker's microphone, which runs via N&M's interpreter hub. RSI helps event organisers to increase their flexibility as well as the scalability of their service regardless of the language or of the location, duration or size of the event.

Besides providing the technical services for simultaneous interpreting in four languages, we also ensured "silent sound" for the entire event area. We integrated 700 receivers into the network to enable attendees to follow their individually selected programme item on their headsets in the language of their choice. Our camera equipment supplied the accompanying images to the monitors for the both attendees and interpreters from the video control room set up entirely by N&M. We realised "ultra low latency" video streaming via 256-bit-encoded "point-to-point" connections.

Before the "Best of Events" fair opened its doors at Dortmund's Westfalenhallen the next day, the best projects in the sector received BrandEx awards – the worthy successors of the long-running FAMAB awards – and a good time was had by all at the subsequent after-show party.


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