Europapark Rust

Traumzeit-Dome, Europa-Park Rust

Client: Europa-Park Rust
Commissioned by: TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH
Date: since 28th March 2015
Location: Traumzeit-Dome
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting
Project Manager: Marc Ehrhardt
Branch Office:Erfurt
Special Features:
  • video auto-alignment
  • 24-channel audio system
  • 12-channel video server
  • 360° projection
  • fixed installation
  • especially programmed media control

The "Traumzeit-Dome" at the Europa-Park in Rust is the world's largest 360-degree cinema. In the 500-square-metre domed tent, eleven projectors with a native resolution of 4K present the eight-minute multi-vision show entitled "Beautiful Europe". We installed a 24-channel audio system for the especially composed film music, thus guaranteeing a perfect auditory experience wherever the viewer may be sitting.

At the heart of the system is a 12-channel video server that enables the projectors to display their images synchronously and also calculates the seamless edge blending of all the individual images as well as their complex correction algorithms. We equipped the system with a so-called autoalignment function that automatically calibrates itself using lens reflex cameras and especially produced test Images.

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