Adam & Eva Awards – “Welcome to blühende Landschaften”, Leipzig

Client: FAMAB Kommunikationsverband e.V.
Commissioned by: FAMAB Kommunikationsverband e.V.
Date: 7th November 2013
Location: Glashalle, Leipzig Exhibition Centre
Project Manager: Dirk Ziervogel and Omar Samhoun
Branch:Leipzig und Dresden
Special features:
  • acoustically challenging venue
  • electronic control of dispersion patterns and sound inclination angle of the loudspeakers
  • directed sound for optimal speech intelligibility

Measuring 240 by 80 metres, the Glashalle at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre, in which the Adam & Eva Awards were held in November 2013, is a prestigious structure. However, the floor and closed dome of the architecturally unique  Location cause considerable sound reflections and there are differences in the sound transit time at different points in the hall due to the architecture of the glass dome. We divided the venue into three areas. In the main stage and audience area the sound was specifically directed towards certain areas, so that little additional reflection was generated. The zone in which the after-show party took place was covered by several loudspeakers operating at low volumes.

We decided for the use of Focus Modular as the front system for the main stage, using a software to control the corresponding processes in real-time. The sound for the three blocks in the audience zone as well as for the main stand was provided by two main lines of Fohhn loudspeakers plus further individual elements from the same range for delay and better sound localisation. The adjoining exhibitor zone was covered by a second delay line with three more Fohhn lines. The set up for the 80 by 60 metre zone was rounded off with a near field and eight V-SUBs from d&b audiotechnik under the stage and four more on the first delay truss.

The party area measured 70 by 50 metres and was equipped with high-quality, conventional sound solutions from d&b audiotechnik and Kling&Freitag to create a perfect atmosphere. Several Yamaha CL5 and CL1 digital mixers and one DME 64 mixer were used to control all the systems - they were connected in a Dante network by means of fibre optic cable.

Photos: FAMAB e.V.


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