SAF-Holland Booth at IAA Transportation, Hanover, September 2022

Client: SAF-Holland GmbH
Commissioned by: mbco GmbH
Date: 20th to 25th September 2022
Location: Hannover Messe
Services:Video, Audio, Event-IT, Content Production
Project Manager: Felix Reis
Branches:Messe München, Digital Media Munich
Special features:
  • seamless integration of the media technology into the exhibition stand
  • customer-friendly operation of the elements

SAF-Holland presented innovations in electrification, digitalisation and autonomous driving at IAA Transportation. The fair sees itself as the world's most important platform for the future of the commercial vehicle industry. In the middle of November, the globally leading manufacturer of vehicle assemblies and components for trailers, trucks and buses presented the "TRAKr" electric trailer axle in Hanover. It converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, stores it in a battery and uses it to feed electrical loads such as refrigerated and building material trailers. The company also presented its "Automated Coupling System", which speeds up automated coupling and uncoupling procedures using a sensor-based process, and a digital tyre pressure monitoring system, which, coupled with an automated re-inflation system, is intended to prevent tyre failures and prolong their service life.

We were commissioned by the "mbco" booth construction specialists to carry out technical design and implementation for all the media equipment used in SAF-Holland's corporate presence.

The 4.50-metre by 2.50-metre high-resolution LED wall with a pixel pitch of just 2.6 millimetres could be seen from far and wide. The booth's eye-catcher was flown on the ground support. This job required precise alignment as the entire truss table was to be completely covered. We also provided a WLAN for the LED wall as well as especially programmed software to allow user-friendly selection of one of two videos without having to manually switch over the playback source at the video control desk.

The new SAF-Holland products were presented at three stations on 98-inch displays, which we had built in flush with the walls. mbco had designed a fly bracket especially for this purpose. The team on the booth presented the systems using touch displays. To prevent stray light from the bright booth lighting from interfering with the displays, we decided to use the latest iiyama range with 32 capacitive touch points.

At one station, the client wanted the LED stripes installed in the table to be triggered by the associated touch display. This involved connecting all components with one another. In addition to the LED stripes and the displays on the table and on the wall, this also included a mini-PC controlling a Brightsign player via the network. This was a complex sub-project requiring thorough coordination among all involved in the run-up to the event as well support from N&M's digital media team. This team also handled the technical implementation in a touch application of the third-party graphical animations. And it wasn't only the use of LED technology that helped to make the presentation in Hanover environmentally-friendly: the booth was designed in such a way so that it could be used almost in its entirety at a subsequent presentation location.


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