Company Anniversary „150 Years of Schaefer Kalk“

Client: Schaefer Kalk GmbH & Co. KG
Commissioned by: PP Agentur für Events & Promotions GmbH
Date: 31st August 2010
Location: Hahnstätten/Diez
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting, Rigging, Power
Project Manager: Henning Kux
Branch Office:Düsseldorf
Special Features:
  • 56-metre-wide projection on the wall of the quarry
  • lighting of the entire quarry covering an area of around 31,000 m²
  • trusses suspended from mobile cranes for lighting and tightrope walking
  • BEA BlachReport Event Award 2011* (Tech Award)
  • BEA BlachReport Event Award 2011* (Corporate Event)

A limestone quarry near the company's main plant provided the natural setting for the three-day anniversary celebrations. The location created for the festivities covered 31,000 square metres including access routes, gastronomy, VIP and information stands - as well as the largest natural projection surface the world has ever seen. Using eight high-performance projectors, we presented the audience perfect images on a limestone surface measuring 56 metres in width and twelve metres in height. We also supplied the sound and lighting for the gala dinner as well as for the following half-hour production featuring 3D projections, film sequences and live performances by top international artists.

With increased safety precautions in mind for the unusual location, we came up with special concepts for the power supply and lighting. The show program was presented again at the customer event the following day and at the open day on the day after that - whereby a total of almost 6,500 guests visited the "Merschelbruch" quarry.

Our client received two "BlachReport Event Awards" for this event in 2011. The jury delivered the following verdict in the "Corporate Event" category: "What we found so outstanding was the uncompromising courage to take calculated risks in conjunction with a rock-solid approach to implementation - a quality so typical of internationally successfully medium-sized enterprises." The "Tech Award" was presented with the following explanation: "The audible and tangibly visible effects that made up the night-time event scenery had the look and feel of an imaginative children's game - but in reality they were the result of a sophisticated feat of engineering carefully planned down to the last detail."


Photos: Ralph Larmann for N&M


*proposed by PP Agentur for Events & Promotions GmbH


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