Product Launch of Solar-Electric Car "Sion"

Client: Sono Motors GmbH
Commissioned by: Sono Motors GmbH
Date: 27th July, 2017
Location: Technikforum, Munich
Services:Audio, Lighting, Video, Rigging
Project Manager: Pietro Marcandella
Branch Office:Munich
Special Features:
  • Use of special aerial platforms as the stage had to be built on a rising surface and the floor surface was only able to support a limited load.

Founded as a garage start-up, Sono Motors presented the "Sion", the first electric car to gain additional power through solar cells. The prototype was launched in Munich at the end of July. We set up the presentation of the vehicle and the company's creative minds at the technology park.

Laurin Hahn and Jona Christians began thinking about sustainable mobility while they were still at school. In their parents' garage they removed the engine from a small car and replaced it with a battery-driven powertrain. It was Navina Pernsteiner's idea to collect the money for constructing the prototype by crowd-funding rather than simply sounding out general customer interest.

We were engaged to provide audio, lighting and video for the product launch, which was received by the media and the general public with great interest. At the heart of the presentation was a round projection surface used to explain images, facts and figures relating to the project to the members of the audience. Besides programming the content with Watchout, we also provided audio support for the participants on stage, a light show for the unveiling and ambient lighting to fit the various scenarios. By mainly using LED multifunction spotlights, this launch event was also realized with resource-saving equipment.

The stage had to be built on a rising surface and presented a challenge to all disciplines involved: during rigging, the trusses carrying the equipment could only be installed using special aerial platforms as the floor surface was only able to support a limited load.


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