Tag der Träume 2022

Porsche presents “Dream Day”, Stuttgart, September 2022

Client: Porsche Deutschland GmbH
Commissioned by: Porsche Deutschland GmbH
Date: 24th + 25th September 2022
Location: Dorotheen Quartier und Pariser Platz, Stuttgart
Services:Video, Rigging, Content Production
Project Manager: Adriano Messina, Lennart Beimesche
Branches:Düsseldorf, Digital Media
Special features:
  • 2 Cubes with 4 LED surfaces of 3 x 3 metres
  • real-time rendering of the dream representations in the form of text and 4 million particles

As the entrepreneur Ferry Porsche once said: "Those lucky enough to build a business out of a dream owe it to the world to be the caretakers of dreams." When he couldn't find the sports car of his dreams, the engineer simply built it himself. With this company history in mind, on 25th September – "World Dream Day" – the Porsche company encouraged people in Stuttgart to reveal their dreams. In the run-up to the event itself, people were asked to submit their own dreams in an "out-of-home" marketing campaign on posters, in local media and on social media.

On the day itself, the Porsche team in Stuttgart interviewed passers-by in Pariser Platz and the Dorotheen district, asking them what motivated them and gave them guidance. And then came the big surprise: just a few moments after revealing their personal dream, it was artistically visualised on the two three by three-metre LED cubes – turning them into an inspiration for their fellow human beings. In the evening, the dreams were presented once more in a different form: a photographer had created portraits of the dreamers and when darkness came, they were projected onto the walls of the buildings in Dorotheenplatz in the forms of photo montages.

Porsche had commissioned us to design the video technology for this emotional campaign, to generate the digital content and to upload it live. We designed the LED cubes with the three by three-metre surfaces. To create the perfect, high-quality impression – especially at the corners – special components had to be manufactured and surrounded by sections. To create the impression of visual weightlessness, the cubes were mounted on the truss substructure to make them look as if they were hovering.

The Digital Media team implemented the custom real-time renderings using "Unreal Engine". The content that had been created was played back via eight media servers. Pre-programmed automation was used for recording and uploading to the cloud for the dreamers to download and share. The diversity of the dreams generated was enormous: they were created in four separate dimensions, which meant that – mathematically speaking – 21,296 versions of the dream visualisations could have been produced. Each of them was constantly rendered live with four million particles in the cubes.


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