"The Spirit of Lifeplus", Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre

Client: Lifeplus Europe
Commissioned by: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH
Date: annually since 2014
Location: Suttgart Trade Fair Centre
Services:Audio, Lighting, Video, Rigging, Event-IT, Staging
Project Manager: Philip Belz, Matthias Krippentz, Christoph Saft
Branch:Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre with support of the Stuttgart branch office
Special features:
  • planning & realisation of a well-attended event spanning a number of days in three halls at Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre
  • set-up in shift work
  • special construction for projection surfaces and kinetics
  • high-impact video projections
  • high level of reliability thanks to data networks with a redundant set-up

Since 2014 we have acted as the general service provider for media technology at the marketing network's European flagship event. The two-day fair focuses on high-quality nutritional supplements and organic skin care products, and is held in several different event facilities at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre – in the 12,000-seater main auditorium, at various gala events for over 4,000 attendees and on 5,000 m² of exhibition space. 

Having our branch office at the site itself means fast communication channels and enables smooth collaboration between the client, the client's agency and the venue, i.e.  the Trade Fair Centre. Our detailed knowledge of the location – we are a service partner of the site operator – means less coordination and planning for our clients, which in turn results in more reliable budgeting right from the very first cost estimate in the concept phase. Support from our branch office in Esslingen helps us to cover the high demand for additional staff and equipment required for this event.

The client's and agency's creative concept for the full-day series of presentations envisages creating visual images to support speakers' content for the audience in the auditorium, thus guaranteeing the best possible effect.

In 2017 for example, we achieved this aim by installing a customised projection surface on several different levels measuring a total of 116 x 10 meters. The whole of this surface was available for projection. We broadcast the creative content combined with data and camera signal by means of tandem and triple stack projections in the edge-blending process.

Once laser surveying had been completed, the projection surfaces were erected with perfect precision in the 20,000 m2 hall and all of the projectors were set up so that rehearsals could be held without any time pressure within the tight schedule. The evening gala in the adjacent exhibition hall featured a particularly sophisticated solution: several mobile screens with different projection materials were deployed over a revolving stage to highlight the artistic performance.

The tight schedule at the in-demand Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre presents a constant challenge to our team, forcing us to work in shifts throughout the entire project period. The individual special constructions were also built in several consecutive day and night shifts by our set construction team, while our projection technicians began to set up the 28 projectors at the same time.

We controlled and monitored the projectors as well as our technical systems in all the halls using redundant networks. All of the audio signals were processed in 100% digital audio networks. For the livestreams in six different languages, we set up separate feeds for sound and video transmission in the control rooms, whereby we opted for a specially configured Encore system in the video control room.

We used an array processing concept for all loudspeakers to ensure that volume and sound distribution were perfect and identical all around the halls.

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