Managed Network Services for Melting Elements, Hamburg

Client: Melting Elements
Date: July 2020
Location: Client's Offices
Services: Managed Network Services, Device Management, Monitoring, Remote Support
Project Manager: Sascha Lopatta
Branch:ICT Hanover
Special features:
  • migration during ongoing operation
  • installation of an upgradable network infrastructure

Whether digital marketing, measures for digitization and consulting as well as implementation in the area of UI / UX (user interface / user experience): the "Melting Elements" digital agency from Hamburg was founded with the goal of developing innovative products and ideas and supporting their clients with analysis and creative input. The agency is a winner of the "Red Dot Design Award" and is very aware that its own digital business processes have to be based on a reliable, digital infrastructure as IT failures can lead directly to loss of revenue. We were therefore assigned the task of designing a suitable ICT solution for Melting Elements in order to minimise the risk of technical failures while also making the agency fit to face future demands – focusing on scalability of the infrastructure.

Together with the specialists at Melting Elements, we drew up a customised concept that is both tailor-made for today's requirements and flexible enough to meet future challenges. We designed a scalable network with WiFi 6 access points and an upgradable infrastructure to ensure a perfect working environment for the large number of power users at the modern agency office.

Time played a major role in the implementation of the project: within just two days we renewed the entire IT infrastructure and connected it to N&M's "Network Operations Centre" with no interruption to the agency's business operations. Here in Hanover, we keep a constant eye on the network and can detect any anomalies before they lead to actual disruptions or failures. 



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