Load carrier

Load Bearing System - An Elegant Alternative

Fair stands and product presentations, congresses and exhibitions: the N&M load bearing system comes into its own wherever the demands on layout and design are high but there is a lack of space because ceilings are too low. Our system provides an elegant solution and represents a slim and light alternative to a truss.

Developed and patented by N&M, it can be deployed wherever suspension points are available on the hall ceiling - either in a line or in a grid pattern. The profile has a small cross-section of 30 by 90 millimetres and combines a high level of functionality with a clear-cut design, making it particularly suitable when clients wish to reduce the visual impact of technical equipment.

The load bearing system not only saves on height; suspension points in the original design can easily to be moved to suit our customers' particular needs. The low weight and small size also make it easy to handle.

The system is based on a double-channel profile with variable and continuously adjustable fastening points. As a mechanical load bearer it absorbs vertical forces - of lights, loudspeakers, video projectors. With a span of approximately four metres, the extruded aluminium profile has been designed to bear a central point load of 200 kilograms. The aluminium alloy can also be anodised to fit in with a company's corporate design.