Recertification according to industry standards by DPVT


The independent German Inspection Company for Entertainment Technology (Deutsche Prüfstelle für Veranstaltungstechnik, DPVT) has once again confirmed that N&M meets all quality and safety standards. The DPVT seal provides clients with solid assurances - and the company is motivated to pursue continuous internal improvement.

Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik has been recertified by the DPVT, an independent German inspection organisation. A corresponding certificate was handed over to N&M managing director Prof. Eberhard Müller on the N&M stand at "Best of Events" held in Dortmund this January. The DPVT seal certifies that the company's planning, organisation and technical services for the staging of events satisfy the industry's quality standards. The accreditation was preceded by audits and inspections that are based on the industry's specific needs and that enable an objective quality assessment.

The DPVT auditors once again examined N&M's general business processes. These included acquisition, offer and order creation, project management, project planning and the workflows in material planning and logistics. The planning and implementation of qualification measures in the company were scrutinised as was occupational health and safety. Production audits constituted a key element in the certification process. These were conducted on site during the set-up phases of productions in Hamburg and Leipzig, and assessed both the implementation of and conformity with applicable guidelines and standards. The inspection organisation also ensured that previously audited processes continued to be executed to the required standard. A further part of the audit examined the commercial management systems employed at N&M for financial planning and controlling.

The DPVT seal for service providers in the event technology sector was developed by industry specialists. N&M has been involved right from the very beginning and has made a major contribution to the development of standards as a member of the advisory board. N&M was also one of the first companies to be certified to the new criteria.

DPVT certification offers clients added protection as they have a duty to inform themselves regarding the capability and reliability of the contractors concerned before awarding an order. The client is responsible for choosing appropriate service providers and can be held legally accountable if damage or even injuries occur during events - as a result of incorrect installation, implementation, etc. By commissioning a certified company like N&M, the client can demonstrate that it acted responsibly should any claims arise.

By having this certification, N&M eases its clients' concerns about engaging properly qualified contractors and shows itself to be a competent and reliable partner. At the same time, the audits promote continuous optimisation of the company's internal processes. The certification procedure examines the firm's own objectives and structures and assesses their implementation, thereby helping to minimise risks in the company's own interest.

Photo: Michael Ebert for N&M


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