Flexcitement 2021 Boehringer

FLEXcitement 2021 for Boehringer Ingelheim, Dreieich, October 2021

Client: Event Agency Frankfurt PP LIVE GmbH
Commissioned by: Boehringer Ingelheim
Date: 6th to 7th October 2021
Location: area3, Dreieich
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting, Content Production, Digital-Live-Event
Project Manager: Patrick Bülles, Marius März
Special features:
  • expanded xR setup with surface area of 8 x 6 m and height of 4 m
  • implementation of more than 150 video recordings

Boehringer Ingelheim's animal health business provides a broad, innovative portfolio of products and services for predicting, preventing and treating diseases. At the beginning of October 2021, an online event was held to present a series of new medical products for pig farming to customers and distributors around the world.

In close collaboration with the creative agency and the pharmaceutical company, our Digital Media team created an extended reality (xR) world for this virtual event as a setting for presenting the new products as 3D objects. In addition to level design, visual design and animation of the virtual objects, we also created the virtual screens that highlighted information in the xR world and implemented over 150 video clips.

This was achieved using our innovative xR set, which saw its premiere at the event held at "area3" in Dreieich. Comprising 354 individual LED modules, this system provides significantly larger LED walls and floors with its 8 by 6-meter floor surface and a height of 4 metres. We advised our client on the wide-ranging options for using xR worlds and in addition to providing content creation also planned and realised audio, lighting and video for the virtual studio.


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