"Snow White" Media Installation, Luminale 2018, Frankfurt

Client: Luminale – Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design
Commissioned by: m box Bewegtbild GmbH
Date: 18th to 23rd March 2018
Location: Snow White Statue in the "Taunusanlage" park, Frankfurt
Services:Audio, Video
Project Manager: Joachim Schlaiß, Norbert Dude
Special features:
  • outdoor and real-time mapping plus audio system for the sound collage of an artistic production

The renowned light festival takes place every two years in Frankfurt and Offenbach. The organisers invited "m box" – a Berlin-based office for the design and execution of media productions and installations – to the 2018 event and allowed the creative team to use a city landmark: the Snow White monument in the middle of Frankfurt's Taunus Park created by the sculptor August Haag was chosen as the backdrop for a media installation. We supported "m box" and provided the entire audio and video equipment to realise the generative real-time mappings on the statue.

The "Snow White" installation proved a major attraction, drawing numerous visitors each evening of the festival despite Artic temperatures. The setting designed by "m box" allowed visitors to approach the sculpture and discover the finest details of the installation. The projection enveloped the stone silhouette of the sleeping maiden. Elements of the Brothers Grimm's tale, such as the shattering glass coffin, slid over the statue and were interpreted in a modern fashion. An audio collage consisting of electronic sounds, voice fragments and scraps of dialogue completed the mapping – creating an impressive overall experience, thanks in part to our support with the audio system.


Photos: Oliver Blum, m box


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