Location: STATION-Berlin
Events: Conferences, Congresses, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Galas, Corporate Events
Branch Office:Berlin
Services:Audio,Lighting, Video, Conferencing, Staging, Rigging, Event-IT, Content Production
Special features: Clients have the opportunity to visit the venue by means of a virtual browser-based tour (3D tour). Therefore, virtual previews of the venue are possible, regardless of time and place.

This event location has a unique history: Located at Potsdamer Platz right in the centre of the capital, it was the site of the "Dresdner Bahnhof", which was opened in 1875 and marked the beginning and the end of the Berlin–Dresden railway line. In 1907 the site became a railway station for the postal service. In the 90 years that followed, it supplied parcels and goods to the people of Berlin. As long as Germany was divided, West Germany's logistical link with West Berlin ended at this station. Numerous details remind visitors of the building's historical past. Nowadays the location is the subject of a preservation order and is celebrating its renaissance as "STATION-Berlin". Large portals once passed through by steam trains, the recently refurbished station roof and the many markings on the walls, doors and floors: those were the hallmarks of STATION-Berlin in its days as one of the country's major hubs for goods and parcels – today it is a hotspot for trade fairs and congresses, corporate events, exhibitions and galas.

Eight halls and various smaller rooms provide a total floor space of 23,000 m², which can be rented for creative event concepts.

As a partner of the STATION-Berlin we support event planners and organisers with our entire service portfolio. We know the ins and outs of the location and are in a position to ensure the perfect technical realisation of events thanks to our expertise and flexibility as a service provider. We can offer many years of know-how, top equipment and a committed team that ensures quick decisions and understands what service is all about.

Overview of halls and rooms

Hall 1 & "Viaduct" The former parcel sorting office is the showpiece of the location and is also known as the "Banana Hall" due to its long, curved shape. Hall 1 (floor space: 2,700 m²) offers surprising perspectives, is easy to partition and high enough to allow multi-storey installations. The entrance – the "Viaduct" – is rather impressive. With over 11 metres height clearance, this industrial building (floor space: 182 m²) is spectacularly dimensioned and can also be used as an event space in its own right.
Hall 2 This round-arch style brick building was previously used for processing parcels. In combination with Halls 1, 3 or 7, Hall 2 (floor space: 440 m²) provides an ideal catering or lounge area for after-show parties. It is situated at the centre of the overall complex and its links to the adjacent halls are perfect in terms of logistics. Five production rooms are situated on the 1st floor. These are used as artists' dressing rooms, for example.
Hall 3 Formerly the inner courtyard (floor space: 4,400 m²) of the postal service railway station, this hall is the centrepiece of the location. Open, light and generously dimensioned, it features a fascinating, expansive glass facade, which allows inquisitive eyes to look in or look out. It is the ideal place for galas and other festive occasions.
Halls 4 & 5 Hall 4's simplicity and minimalism make it the perfect venue for congresses, conferences, seminars, workshops, receptions or trade fairs – whether on its own (floor space 2,100 m²) or in combination. A generously dimensioned staircase leads from the middle of the hall up to Hall 5 (floor space: 2,100m²). Here too, the arched ceiling is over 11 metres high and imparts a sense of generosity; yellow brick, white plaster and large-area windows lend the hall an open and stylish look.
Hall 6 Whether for product presentations or as a showroom, for customer dinners or team events – this hall gives planners the opportunity to create atmospheric surroundings for their events. When used in combination with Hall 4 and Hall 5, it is ideally suited to act as a reception area as it can be accessed over a wide area from the inner courtyard via numerous portals.
Halls 7 & 8 The trackbeds and platforms have been removed to create 2,000 m² of additional space, thus creating an interconnected, practical layout measuring almost 4,200 m² following the extensive refurbishments in Hall 7. It is the most modern, most generously dimensioned hall in STATION-Berlin and is accessible for several sides. Hall 8 is the final element in the complex and is situated at the head of the ensemble. It covers around 1,000 m² and features a wide glazed facade that lends itself perfectly to conferences and events in light-bathed industrial chic.
Other attractive spaces In addition to the 8 halls, other attractive spaces in the form of various lofts and showrooms, the "Symposium" and a roof terrace round off the ensemble. Individually, in various combinations or the entire 23,000 m² – such versatility makes STATION-Berlin one of Europe's most outstanding locations.
(floor spaces: Symposium - 400 m², Loft I - 122 m², Loft II - 64 m², Loft III - 84 m², Showroom - 370 m², 5 Production Rooms - each approx. 25 m²)


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