The Imagination Machine

The Imagination Machine“, Moscow/Russia

Client: S7 Airlines
Commissioned by: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, Tellart LLC.
Date: March 2015
Location: Afimall City, Moscow
Services:Audio, Video, Lighting
Project Manager: Evgeniy Davydov
Branch Office: Eastern Europe
Special Features:
  • 3D-Mapping
  • EuBea-Award 2015 - Category: B2C-Event
  • 2016 - Category: Best Event for the brand

As part of the communication campaign "Fly to any place you can imagine" run by the Russian airline S7, visitors to a Moscow shopping centre were given the opportunity of steering a virtual flight across a globe to their personal dream destination. The only aid available to the passers-by was a headset for measuring their EEG brain activity, which became the controller for the selected flight route. We had been engaged by the Wieden + Kennedy (Amsterdam) agency to realise the box-like stand concept as well as the technical side of the event. 3D mapping was used to project the globe onto an especially designed sphere measuring two metres in diameter. A distance of a mere two metres was available to realise this effect. Besides carrying out the programming, we were also responsible for implementing the audio and lighting design as well as for supplying the technology with which numerous visitors flew to their dream destinations.

Photos: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

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