Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

All of the information and figures listed here are ultimately the result of the enthusiasm for all aspects of event technology displayed by N&M and its staff. And of course they are also an expression of the trust that our clients have placed in us for more than 40 years:


The largest network in Germany: 23 locations throughout Germany and additional ones around the world.

Düsseldorf (established 1981)
Munich (1985)
Stuttgart (1989)
Dresden (1991)
Erfurt (1994)
Hamburg (1995)
Frankfurt/Main (1997)
Cologne (1998)
Berlin (1999)
Leipzig (2000)
Munich Trade Fair Centre (2003)
Dubai (2006/2007 until 2022)
Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre (2007)
ICS Stuttgart (2007)
Hanover (2007)
ICM Munich (2009)
Leipzig Trade Fair Centre (2009)
Frankfurt Trade Fair Centre (2012 until 2023)
Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre (2013)
Bochum (2019)
Mainz (2019)
Cologne Trade Fair Centre (2021)
Barcelona (2021)
Augsburg Trade Fair Center (2023)
Nuremberg Trade Fair Center (2023)
Hamburg Trade Fair Center (2024)


about 850 full-time employees
109 of which are trainees
4,200 qualified freelancers and specialists

Areas of Expertise

Event technology from A to Z. From planning through to successful realisation.
Content Production

Quality assurance

Quality benchmark in the event sector. You won't find more quality or safety anywhere.
Certified according to the testing and certification regulations of the DPVT - German Inspection Company for Entertainment Technology (Cert. No. 2022- VA 1.1 – 001 valid until 08/2025).


Top equipment for every type of use.
Constantly inspected and maintained.

Innovations & in-house development

Innovation drive by enthusiasm.
Customising and new developments together with renowned manufacturers.