SCHOTT Pharma AG Annual General Meeting, Mainz

Client:SCHOTT Pharma AG
Date: 14th March 2024
Location: SCHOTT factory premises
Services:Video, Audio, Lighting, Digital Live Events
Project Manager: Michael Weihrauch
Special features:
  • provision of a main and backup stream for the AGM portal
  • digital management of video links using “SmartLive.Studio”

SCHOTT Pharma has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since autumn 2023, and its first exclusively digital annual general meeting represented a milestone in the company's history. A pioneer in the development of safe, user-friendly medicinal solutions, the company's virtual AGM provided shareholders with the opportunity of direct interaction with the management and supervisory boards. Our expertise in digital AGMs made sure that the technical realisation of the event met all legal requirements.

We created the legally compliant set-up in the Erich Schott Zentrum on the company's premises in Mainz. This involved providing extensive consulting services for our client prior to the event and working closely with the in-house service provider to ensure a robust result. The solution made use of “SmartLive.Studio”, a tool developed in-house at N&M.

“SmartLive.Studio” made sure that verbal contributions by shareholders complied with GDPR requirements. It enables secure, high-quality involvement of attendees in all kinds of digital or hybrid events. The process is designed to optimize our clients' experience: attendees participate via an event platform or AGM portal, where they register their request to speak. They then receive a confirmation and, if their request is approved, enter the “SmartLive.Studio” waiting room, where a service agent carries out a sound and picture check. While they are waiting, attendees can follow the event via a practically latency-free livestream (WebRTC).

The control room or moderator is in direct contact with the agent and gives the signal to begin the interaction. Questions are asked, and the speaker gives an answer. Once participants have finished speaking, the service agent accompanies them back to the AGM portal.

“SmartLive.Studio” can be used with any event platform or AGM portal and can also be operated as a stand-alone solution. It enables speakers to join in-person events via video link and ensures seamless integration into various event formats.


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